Principal's Message

Learning is an ever continuous journey of assorted experiences which one gathers through the course of one’s life. Army Public School, Hempur provides its students the foundation which helps them to successfully steer the sails of their ship through this journey. However, the ships in the ocean of life seem to have come to a standstill these days due to the raging pandemic. It would not be amiss to say that even the school’s vibrancy has become a thing of the past.

Along with crisis comes opportunity. And schools have been the pioneers to seize this opportunity. APS Hempur too has taken to blended education as seamlessly as a duck takes to water. The academic year gone by has been a mixed bag of achievements and some near misses- all of which find expression in the pages of this school journal. The school children in their contributions have shared their views on how they look at the world. If at times we do not agree with their world view, there are also instances when, because of such sharing, we also develop new insights into things.

Here at Army Public School, Hempur our main focus is the holistic development of the child. The quality education given to our children turns them into responsible and aware citizens of the nation.

Someone has rightly said, “Be willing to change because life won’t stay the same.” Certainly, life post COVID19 isn’t the same. We, like the others, are adapting to this change and hoping that the bend on the road is not too far.

Till then, happy Learning……

(Mrs. Malini Sharma)